Sofia Vergara dyes her hair blonde

Sofia Vergara's selfie of her new beautiful hair.

Sofia Vergara's selfie of her new beautiful hair.

Sofia Vergara has dyed her hair blonde. She debuted the new colour via a selfie on her Instagram. No big whoop, right? After all, blonde is her natural hair colour and it really suits her! But for some reason, she now looks 10 years younger than her 40-year-old self. Not that she's ever looked a day over 32. 

Putting our cynical hats on for a moment, we wish to share with you the Hair Dye Distraction Rule of many female celebs. It is as follows: if you have any major surgery, (like a nose job) or even a quick skin rejuvenation, (like fillers) or even a slight deflating of your lips, the best thing you can do to distract from it is to change your hair. We have no proof of course, this is just a theory.

Sofia is beautiful, no doubt, but she's also admitted to having a little bit of help. Hey, everyone is doing it - she's just being honest. So then, dare we conclude she went a little bit further this time?

You be the judge.


Source: HuffPo