Ricky Gervais gives us a sneak peek at his new show 'Derek'


Simone Mitchell

Karl Pilkington and Ricky Gervais in a scene from <i>Derek</i>.

Karl Pilkington and Ricky Gervais in a scene from Derek. Photo: Ricky Gervais, Twitter

Derek, the new comedy-drama from Ricky Gervais has been given a screening date for the UK, and the actor/creator has posted a new photo of the characters (pictured above) on his Twitter account.

The nursing home-centred comedy, which also stars Karl Pilkington in his first acting role, will air on Channel 4 in the UK on March 27. It is described as a "spoof documentary" in the style of Extras and The Office.

"I'm excited ... [I] haven't felt this way [about a show] since The Office if I'm being honest," Gervais wrote on his official blog a few months back.

Digital Spy has these details:


Derek Noakes, to be played by Gervais, is described by BAFTA as "a tender, innocent man whose love for his job and the people he cares for shines through".

"He's 49 years old and loves animals, Rolf Harris, Jesus, Deal or No Deal, Million Pound Drop and Britain's Got Talent - but his main hobby is autograph hunting."

Pilkington will portray retirement home landlord Dougie, Noakes's employer.

James Bond legend Sir Sean Connery is to reportedly appear in the first episode.

Derek Noakes first appeared in a short at 2001's Edinburgh Comedy Festival, then a 39-year-old aspiring stand-up comic living with his grandmother.

There has been some debate as to whether this will be a one-episode special, or the beginning of a series. BAFTA is billing the March 27 UK screening as "a one-off comedy drama", while a report on Digital Spy states that The Office creator is hoping that it is commissioned for a full series. 

A Channel 4 spokesperson had this to say:

"Channel 4 is very excited to be working with Ricky Gervais on this new project and it's wrong to say we have rejected a series.

"The pilot will be on TV in April and then there'll be further discussions about the potential for a full series."

Gervais has also confirmed that he is considering a special edition of An Idiot Abroad for Christmas 2012 in which Pilkington cycles around the world with dwarf actor Warwick Davis of Life's Too Short.

There's no rest for the wicked.

Via: Digital Spy