Rapper Redfoo under fire for defending ‘Literally, I Can’t’, the 'most sexist song of the year’


Rob Moran

Redfoo with Play-N-Skillz and Lil Jon, the artists behind the song 'Literally I Can't'.

Redfoo with Play-N-Skillz and Lil Jon, the artists behind the song 'Literally I Can't'. Photo: @lookslikebliss

Rapper and X Factor host Redfoo has taken to Twitter to defend his new song in the face of growing criticism and calls for Channel Seven to sack him as a host on the network.

The rapper came under fire yesterday following the release of his new song, ‘Literally I Can’t’, a collaboration with artists Play-N-Skillz, Lil Jon and Enertia McFly, which has been called ‘the most sexist song of the year’ and criticised for promoting sexual harassment against women and rape culture.

In the song, Redfoo reportedly sings “You got a big ol’ butt, I can tell by the way you walkin’. But you an annoying slut, because you’re talking”, while in the accompanying video a group of young men, including Redfoo, aggressively surround young women and yell at them to “Shut the f**k up.”


Overnight, the rapper took to Twitter to defend the song against claims of misogyny and calls that he should apologise, referring to the song as satire and claiming critics are misinterpreting the track to “support a pre-existing agenda”.

Campaigns have since arisen online, putting pressure on Channel Seven to sack the singer, who’s a regular host on their family-friendly talent show, X Factor.

“Do you think Channel Seven are okay with a judge on their family friendly X Factor proudly promoting rape culture?”, asked Destroy The Joint in an open 'Call To Action' on their Facebook page, launching the hashtag ‘#ShutTheFooUp’ and directing followers to voice their complaints on the X Factor Facebook page.

Similarly, a petition titled ‘You literally can’t rehire Redfoo’ was launched on Change.org by Jas Swilks of women’s rights organisation Collective Shout.

“RedFoo is a judge on Australia's talent show, X Factor, a position which requires him to mentor contestants - often, young women. His offensive and misogynistic portrayal of women in his video clips and performances, disqualifies him from such a role,” says the petition.

“Red Foo must literally not be rehired.”

The petition has received over 5,000 signatures since being launched yesterday.