Opals star Liz Cambage has been perfectly handling racist trolls after calling out teammate's blackface selfie


Rob Moran

Opals basketballer Liz Cambage.

Opals basketballer Liz Cambage. Photo: Jay Cronan

Surprisingly, there's a scary amount of Australians who somehow can't seem to understand why dressing up in blackface is racist - and they've all spent the evening hounding Opals basketballer Liz Cambage on Twitter.

Cambage ridiculously came under fire from trolls on social media yesterday, after she called out teammate Alice Kunek for posting a picture of herself dressed up as "Kanye", complete with blackface makeup (a friend in the picture was sporting an equally problematic Dia De Los Muertos costume).

"Blackface is disgusting, I honestly have no words... I am so shocked and disturbed to see this from someone I'm meant to call a 'teammate'," Cambage tweeted in response to Kunek's photograph.


Kunek has since apologised for the photo, but her followers haven't been so open to being usefully informed and enlightened on the matter. 

Online users - seemingly up in arms that someone was waving a finger at their right to be offensive and disrespectful to other cultures - were quick to slam Cambage, calling her a "sook", saying she was "looking for attention", and adorably starting sentences with that telling intro, "I'm not racist, but...". 

Cambage, national treasure that she is, didn't back down, perfectly mocking the insults and endless 'whitesplanations' coming at her from all sides.

"I have learnt so much from white males today on racism, thanks so much guys," she tweeted, sharing the obnoxious harassment she's copped from trolls, racist apologists (oh hey Stephanie Rice), and even shady former teammates.  

Awesomely, after a well-deserved late-night bath, she was ready for more:

Liz Cambage, you are our hero.

In more promising news to come from this entire saga, Basketball Australia has promised to "talk to players about racial and religious vilification in the lead-up to the Rio Olympics and beyond", which is probably a good idea.