Oh no! Michelle and Jason have reportedly broken up.

Memories... Matilda with Michelle and Jason.

Memories... Matilda with Michelle and Jason.

Here's news we're hoping is not true: According to UsMagazine, actor and possessor of perfect hair-styling Michelle Williams, 32 has split from her boyfriend of almost one year, actor and shameless Muppet fan, Jason Segel, 33. The pair, who seemed happy enough on a beach in Cancun in January with their third wheel - excuse us - good friend Busy Phillips, reportedly split 'quietly' earlier this month. The reason is apparently down to distance: Michelle lives in Brooklyn with her 7-year-old daughter, Matilda, while Segel has to live in Los Angeles for that mediocre version of Friends, How I Met Your Mother.

Guys! Really? Distance?

Maybe it's the grief talking, or the tube of cookie dough we just inhaled to try and cope with this news, but how can this be? Williams told InStyle Magazine only a month ago -

"If people are happy about it, that makes me feel good, because in my head the opposite is often true -- that people fault or blame you for things," she said.


"You wish they would just want you to be happy, for your kid to be happy, and for you to have a good life and do good work," Williams added. "Any kind sentiment that the world can feed back, well, I won't turn it down."

But Michelle! You did turn it down! You turned it down!


We got carried away with our emotion then. Look, maybe it's just a rumour. Maybe it's not even true? Stay tuned ...