Model rebuffs podium kiss, internet gets mad

What does a winner deserve? Seems like a bunch of flowers and a yellow skivvy thing just won't do, unless it's topped off with a kiss from the pretty woman who presented him with it.

Unfortunately, things didn't quite go to plan for Italian cyclist Vicenzo Nibali  who was presented with his loot for winning Stage 2 of the Tour de France cycling tournament. Nibali went in for a self-congratulatory kiss from the model presenting his prizes ... and much to chagrin of the internet, he was totally rebuffed. Because women today can kiss whoever they like and aren't part of a kiss buffet for men. Cool, huh?

First let's consider the fact that the man had just cycled for basically a kerjillion miles in lycra. Yes, consider that sweaty, stinky fact.


Secondly, the reaction of the internet was on the get me off this train end of the 'things the internet gets mad about that are unreasonable' spectrum. Some bros on the internet were all "What a bitch, lol" for the refusing of the kiss, others defended her because she was busy presenting stuffed animals to the winners and didn't mean to 'reject' the kiss.

But what about the fact that she doesn't have to kiss anybody, and it's perfectly within her rights to rebuff any advance. Also, as The Telegraph points out, some countries have different attitudes toward kissing. 

Maybe, as Clem Bastow discussed last year when a cyclist pinched the bottom of a 'podium girl' at another cycling event, it's time to do away with women as "prize enhancers".

"The greater issue is whether, in 2013, "podium girls" should still be a feature of the competitive cycling circuit. (And you can substitute in grid girls, cheerleaders, half-time dancers, or whatever other skimpily dressed babes are relevant to your men’s sport of choice.) My answer would be “no”, and I’m certainly not alone in thinking they are a relic of another less enlightened era," Bastow wrote at the time.

And you know, you'd think being called a "bitch" for refusing a kiss from a sweaty gent would belong to another less enlightened era but, well, there are still some 'traditions' that need to get on their bike indeed. 

Source: Daily Dot