Michelle Obama has a new Twitter Account

The First Lady just met with Inaugural citizen co-chair David Hall ahead of #MLKDay of Service.

The First Lady just met with Inaugural citizen co-chair David Hall ahead of #MLKDay of Service.

First Lady Michelle Obama opened a new twitter account yesterday under the handle of @FLOTUS, (First Lady of the United States). The new twitter account is run by the First Lady's staff but personal messages are signed with '-mo'. And the first tweet? Fittingly, the first tweet congratulated Mobama on her birthday - FLOTUS is 49! Doesn't she look amaaaazing? No seriously, she looks really good.

Within 30 minutes of that tweet Mobama had 5000 followers. She's currently sitting at just over 35,000.

The first 15 people she followed included US military organisations, the Coast Guard, the Department of Education, and the Partnership for a Healthier America, of which she is honorary chairwoman.

She also quickly followed tweets from the White House and the office of Vice President Joe Biden.


But there was no immediate sign of President Barack Obama's Twitter feed. She has started following Obama's inauguration twitter but not his official one. We don't want to speak for her but we have a feeling that Mrs Obama, a woman known for her forthright manner, would simply say 'Why would I follow him? I can talk to him."

For those who feel a sense of deja vu, you're not going crazy - Mrs Obama opened her first twitter account to coincide with her husband's campaign but stopped using it in November. And, you know something? It was just plain old @MichelleObama - it didn't say FLOTUS. Go on say it, FLOTUS! There's nothing quite like it!

Update: this just in, FLOTUS just posted a pic on her twitter account of herself talking to Inaugural citizen co-chair David Hall and she has a fringe! And it looks amaaaazing! Once again, we're serious - it really does look great on her. See photo above.

Source:The Daily Beast