Michelle Bridges splits with husband

Over ... Bridges and Moore.

Over ... Bridges and Moore. Photo: Steve Lunam

The Biggest Loser star Michelle Bridges and her husband, Bill Moore, have sadly decided to split after nine years of marriage.

S can exclusively reveal the finely sculpted poster girl for fitness and her husband have made the decision to separate - although they remain best friends and partners in their multimillion-dollar fitness empire, with Bill retaining his role as Michelle's business manager.

Lack of time to focus on their personal life was the major contributing factor to the breakdown of their relationship, the couple say. Their drive to help transform the health of Michelle's followers has dominated their lives.

''This is a tough period in our lives but Bill and I have been very honest with ourselves and each other,'' Bridges, 42, told S.


''This has led to us prioritising our passion for teaching the steps to health transformation at the cost of our marriage but not at the cost of our friendship and love for each other. We are best mates and that will always be the case.''

The couple were friends before falling in love after meeting at his gym, where she was ''the most popular fitness trainer he had ever employed''. The couple wed in 2003, with Bridges saying of falling in love: ''It was a getting of wisdom. I was ready for peace in my life.''

Their commercial empire includes Bridges' television shows and her four books, such as The No Excuses Cookbook, Losing the Last 5 Kilos and Crunch Time Cookbook. The couple also privately renovated a house and cared for their kelpie-cross cattle dog, Paddy.

Early indications emerged when the couple spoke of their inability to decide whether they should experience parenthood together.

''I think that if I really wanted a baby,

I could - I'm just very nervous about it. I think I've got 'paralysis by analysis' about having a baby,'' Bridges told Woman's Day last January.

''The problem is, I overthink it. My mum said to me, 'I don't know why you don't just get pregnant! I don't know why you have to think about this and think about that,' and she's probably quite right. And if I wanted to have a baby, Billy wouldn't stop me.

''He has always said if I wanted to, we could. But we did put a bit of a time limit on it.''

Moore, 59, is already a father to two older sons from a previous marriage and said last year he'd happily be a dad again ''if Mishy wants it''.