Meet Feminist Frank, the "fem-bro" of your dreams


Look, I'm going to go right in and say it. Feminist Frank is no Feminist Ryan Gosling.

Remember feminist Ryan Gosling and how he made the man of your dreams even dreamier with his empowering messages to women?

Well Feminist Frank, the latest meme to tickle the gender studies set is a slightly different fun thing on the internet.

Frank might look like the kind of guy who pops his collar and quotes Jack Ass and like, hates fat chicks, but Feminist Frank is about to subvert everything you thought those kinds of guys thought about women.



As Policy Mic put it, Feminist Frank, is the ultimate "fem bro", and someone that you want in your corner. 

"More importantly, the meme is a stark reminder that feminism is not exclusively for women. It's possible for all kinds of men, even the ones you'd least expect, to espouse feminist beliefs. The more we see dichotomous images like Feminist Frank, the less we will be surprised when men of quality don't fear inequality (and we won’t complain if they lose their stunner shades and do up their shirts a little, too)."

Look, Feminist Frank isn't a real person, but it's nice to think that we're not always right about people. Don't judge a person by their deep v t-shirt and all that.

And also, feminist men are way hot.

Scroll down for some of Frank's best observations on women, gender, relationships and feminism.

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