Lola dating Homeland star

Lourdes and Timothee.

Lourdes and Timothee. Photo: Us Magazine

Madonna's eldest child, Lourdes 'Lola' Leon, 16, is reportedly dating Homeland bad boy, actor Timothee Chalamet. Chalamet plays the (late) Vice President's charming-yet-dangerous son who flirted briefly with Brody's daughter, Dana and who thinks nothing of running over people because he knows he can get away with it.

NYPost's Page Six first reported that Lourdes and Chalamet, classmates at La Guardia High School of Performing Arts, are dating. 

"Dating is a loose term for it, but yes, they are teenagers being teenagers so I guess you can call it that," a source close to the pair told UsMagazine. "It has not been going on for very long at all."

The pair may not even be exclusive. Hey, it might be an elite high school but it's still high school, right?  "Lola certainly likes her boys just like her mother! I'm not sure he's the only boy in her life," says a 'source' of Lourdes ...who sounds suspiciously like a bestie posing as a publicist.


Source: UsMagazine