Listen to Fiona Apple's new song

The fabulously maudlin Fiona Apple has already had one of her tunes appear in a Judd Apatow produced movie, Bridesmaids. Who could forget how perfectly her song 'Paper Bag' slotted into the scene where Kristen Wiig makes her secret cupcake?

Apatow must have been pleased with it too because Apple has written a song specifically for his new movie, This is 40, a sequel of sorts to 2007's Knocked Up. Yeah, look, judging by the trailer, it doesn't seem like it will be any kind of improvement on that Katherine Heigl monstrosity.

We digress. Apple's song, 'Dull Tool' is predictably melancholic and melodramatic. Hey, it's Apple, if you want upbeat go put on Katy Perry.

Huffington Post reports that Universal ... has listed "Dull Tool" among the items it's pushing for Oscar consideration. Apple is in good musical company in "This Is 40," which includes songs from Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Ryan Adams, Norah Jones and many more big name artists.


Check out the song below. What do you think? Depressing? Not depressing enough?



Source: HuffPo