Lily Allen found herself at a garden party with Nigel Farage and Rupert Murdoch, trolled them wonderfully

Lily Allen.

Lily Allen. Photo: Instagram

As a vocal critic of the UK's recent Brexit vote, it's somewhat serendipitous that singer Lily Allen would happen to find herself at a London garden party with two of the campaign's leading overlords, Rupert Murdoch (who's Sun backed the 'leave' vote) and Nigel Farage (the very recently departed UKIP leader).

Or as Allen calls them, "Voldemort and Fromage".

The singer - at the party hosted by media mogul Evgeny Lebedev (his company owns the UK's Evening Standard and The Independent) - didn't waste her opportunity to capture the Illuminati in action, quietly live-tweeting the whole event from afar and snapping pics of the esteemed guests, including Murdoch and wife Jerry Hall, Farage, and British Conservative politician Liam Fox.


"Wankers," she says with a laugh.

Speaking to The Guardian after the event, Allen revealed that other guests at the party had warned her not to take photos of Murdoch.

"His publications have been making money from publishing pictures of me, though," she replied.

Also not lost on Allen was the bitter irony of watching competing media moguls, not to mention the very politicians who've previously spoken out against the media's unchecked power, sharing the same table over lunch and gin cocktails.

"These people will go on about how much they hate each other but they are willing to sit and break bread with each other," she told The Guardian. "It just shows that it is a game, it is not real."