Karl Lagerfeld tells us what he really thinks (again)

HAMBURG, May 8 CM - Veteran fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld says he found other children ‘‘dreadful’’ when he was young.

The eccentric German designer is known for being somewhat of a lone wolf and isn’t conservative with his opinions.

Even as a little boy the 80-year-old Chanel and Fendi frontman knew he was different, rejecting the clothing items his peers were dressed in.‘‘I’ve always found short trousers degrading - they’re for dumb boys,’’ he shuddered to zeit.de.

‘‘I didn’t play with other children, I thought they were dreadful. The only thing I did was read, learn languages and sketch.


As a child I only had one wish: to be grown up. Now I don’t find that important anymore.’’

Lagerfeld feels happy in himself these days and despite admitting he’s had times when he wasn’t comfortable with his appearance, he’s now at ease with it.

He will always wear gloves to protect his hands, but in general he doesn’t have a problem with the ageing process and would never resort to plastic surgery.

‘‘Nothing makes you look older than attempting to look young,’’ he said.

‘‘You can fool anyone, apart from the young. The worst are the lip operations. There are people who have it done and I don’t recognise them afterwards. They look like they flew through the windscreen during a car accident and were patched up badly afterwards.’’