Jodie Foster to Receive Cecil B. DeMille Award

Remember not too long ago how Jodie Foster wrote that terribly meandering, open letter to everyone in the wake of the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal about how they should all leave Kristen alone? It was a stream-of-consciousness type thing about beautiful people and innocence lost, hope found and that one special time in The Panic Room. But mostly it was about Jodie Foster.

Well, it looks like Kristen Stewart, far from being embarrassed, was totally down with it because she's going to present her former co-star with the Cecil B DeMille award at the Golden Globes in January. Foster, 49, is scoring it for 'her incredible impact on the world of entertainment.'

"This is a special moment for me," Kristen said at the press conference. "She's been really important in my life for a long time." 

Now the thing about presenting someone with the Cecil B. DeMille award at the Globes is that you don't just walk onstage and say a couple of things and hand it over. The person who presents has to give something akin to a 21st birthday speech before they do. Remember how Jack Nicholson did it for Warren Beatty? It was a beauty. Remember when Robert De Niro gave it to Martin Scorsese? Umm... that didn't go down so well. Because great actors don't always deliver great speeches. And that speech has got to really sing.


Look, nobody wants to come down hard on Kristen, (we knows she's already had a rough year and besides, we don't want any letters from Jodie) but public speaking or, more specifically 'making nice', is not really Stewart's strong suit.

So... fingers crossed?

Source: Eonline