Jesse Pinkman plays with puppies on the Jimmy Kimmel show!

Look, this helps too. Image via

Look, this helps too. Image via

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, who might be the world's nicest celebrity was on the Jimmy Kimmel show this week where he revealed a hidden talent. Turns out that Jesse Pinkman (OK then, Aaron Paul) can tell a puppy's sex by patting it. To prove this theory Kimmel had some extremely cute puppies brought out for the blindfolded Aaron Paul to prove his abilities, and also use his character's signature catchphrase.

"BITCH," he yelled out in the most appropriate and hilarious way possible (he was also right every time). It was all very cute and hilarious and a balm for our frayed nerves after the extreme tension of the final series of Breaking Bad. As Jezebel suggested, maybe after the final two episodes of the show there should be a super-cut of Walt and Jesse playing with puppies. 

As the show's creator Vince Gilligan said, we're not all going to be happy with the ending. 


Hold tight on to your puppies, friends.