Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant?

Jennifer Aniston arrives at the launch of Mandy Ingber's new book "Yogalosophy : 28 Days till the Ultimate Mind-Body ...

Jennifer Aniston arrives at the launch of Mandy Ingber's new book "Yogalosophy : 28 Days till the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover". Photo: John Shearer

We know that the 'Is-Jennifer-Aniston-pregnant?' speculation is, like, so 1998. But hang on just a minute here because for the second time in a row, Aniston, 44 currently engaged to writer and actor Justin Theroux, 41 has worn a flowy, belly-covering top to an event. An event promoting yoga. Now, as anyone who has been paying close attention to Gwyneth's clean eating cookbook tour knows, the way to sell the product that's meant to make you look good is through the body. Showing off the body is proof that the high class eating disorder - excuse us - healthful eating plan is working. Same goes with yoga.

We know that Aniston loves nothing more than creating speculation, (all the while loving the fact that she's still being talked about), so we're willing to concede that she might just be wearing these outfits to generate buzz for herself, especially as Gwyneth Paltrow has marinated in the limelight of late.

But we'd hate to have that kind of cynical view of Aniston, who said she'd be 'singing from the mountaintops' if she fell pregnant, so we're going with '10 weeks' pregnant instead. There is a third option: maybe she just likes the outfits? To which we'd like to respond by saying that the words 'body conscious' were made for Jennifer Aniston. Try to remember the last time you saw her in anything even remotely flowy. And good for her! She has a rockin' bod! Which is what makes these outings all the more mysterious.

But, let us put all of this silly speculation behind us now and turn to this loving tribute to the most popular member of Friends. Zach Galifianakis hosted Saturday Night Live and dreamed up this with the writers - a Jennifer Aniston look-alike contest. Watch it all the way to the end and ye shall be rewarded with Bradley Cooper in a long blonde wig. Which, as far as salacious gossip goes, is way more exciting than an Aniston pregnancy.