Is Carey Mulligan About to Get Married?

Herrre sheee is!

Herrre sheee is!

Actress Carey Mulligan, 26 has never publicly confirmed her engagement to Marcus Mumford, 25, which took place last July. Now, Marcus Mumford sounds a little like a character on Thomas the Tank Engine but as you well know, Marcus is the front man for one of the hottest bands of the moment, Mumford and Sons. Which sounds like a British sitcom about an antiques shop.

Sorry. Does this photo of the two of them together help?

The Mail on Sunday is reporting that Carey held her hen’s night two weeks ago, which might all be bullocks as the Brits are fond of saying, but then again, the report did contain a lot of detail, such as


 ‘It was a lot of fun and Carey’s best friend organised a quiz which she had Marcus take part in,’ a source said.

‘He had to guess Carey’s favourite food, film, her worst habit, and write his answers down, then Carey had to guess what he would have answered.

 If Carey is about to tie the knot, she’d better not stretch out that honeymoon – she’s due back in New York on May 7 to co-host the Met Gala Ball -- AKA --  the Oscars of Fashion. Mulligan is co-chairing together with Anna Wintour and Miuccia Prada. Which makes sense, as Mulligan practically sleeps in Prada, wearing it to just about every major red carpet event she attends. And sometimes just when she’s casually hanging about! Which leads us to speculate ... will Carey’s wedding dress be Prada? Whatever she wears, we're sure they'll be music. Marcus is quite the guitar player. Carey also has a great voice, so maybe she'll sing too? Just please, not that tune from Shame.