'Glee' Star Amber Riley Talks Body image

Amber Riley

Amber Riley

The MTV series called This is How I Made It is a biography-style doco for successful celebrities. One such celebrity is Glee's Amber Riley, (anyone who doubts her talent should have a look at her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the Democratic Convention. Because you will get chills). The multi-talented actor gives a frank account of how Hollywood treats women who are not white and not thin.

"I was being offered roles of the girl who sits in the corner and eats all day. The girl who commits suicide because she's fat. It was never anything that I felt had a good ending."

We can't help but think this is a veiled reference to Precious? Or do we assume that because it's the most mainstream version of the type of character Riley is talking about?

The 26 year-old actor goes into a healthy amount of detail about her own struggle with - and success over the narrow standards prescribed to her. 


"I never wanted to play a character who hated herself. I wanted people to know that those aren't the kind of roles for women like me - normal girls."

She continues, "Hollywood is a very hard place to be in - it really is. Being the size that I am. Being a woman. Being a black woman - there's not a lot of roles for us."

For the full clip, head over to EW.com It's some powerful stuff.