Emma Watson defends herself against 'White Feminist' criticism

Emma Watson: "I want to hear as many voices as possible."

Emma Watson: "I want to hear as many voices as possible."

In discussions about 'White Feminism', you are almost guaranteed to hear Lena Dunham, Taylor Swift and/or Emma Watson used as examples. 

So when a fan asked Watson during a Twitter Q&A whether she was a White Feminist, the He For She ambassador took the opportunity to address the issue. 

White Feminism is a shorthand way to describe feminism discussions that ignore or silence the needs of women of colour, as well as queer and trans women, and women with disabilities. 

Watson was eager to point out that she mentioned her "good luck/fortune/privilege" five times in her famous UN speech.


She also argued that, while she cannot speak for intersectional feminists, she attempts to use her privilege to give them a platform of their own.

"I want to hear as many voices as possible," she wrote, "I want to hear other people's stories. This is a universal and global movement."

You can read her full statement here: