Chinese Grandfather poses in fashionable lady clothes

Here he is, sans wig. He's wearing the wig below. Which do you prefer?

Here he is, sans wig. He's wearing the wig below. Which do you prefer?

So there's this lady, Lv Ting, who lives in China and has her own online shopping store called Yuekou's Tmall. And while she was unpacking boxes of stock her 72-year-old grandfather, Liu Xianping, took out a dress and slipped it over his snake hips. “He picked up one piece and tried to give some advice on how to mix and match. We thought it was fun so we started shooting,” she said.

The photos were so great Lv decided to dress him up in other items from her collection and post them on the website -  sales have since skyrocketed. Liu is being touted as an 'easygoing grandpa' but we have to say, if a 72 year-old man has such a strong opinion on how to mix and match women's clothes, going so far as to try them on, we're thinking he has less in common with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Grandpa Joe and possibly a lot more in common with Karl Lagerfeld, non? Liu is after all, only 7 years younger than Karl.

And while we're in such a questioning mood, don't you think it's kind of interesting that the culturally dominant idea of what sort of body shape looks good in women's clothes - that is, thighs so thin they don't touch, and a long, narrow, torso without breasts - belongs not to a woman, not even to a teenage girl, but to an old man? An old man who has reportedly spent decades working as a farmer in a small province? In other words, he's more than likely had some experience with poverty and therefore unlikely to have lived the healthiest life, nutrition-wise. Ah, but we are just spitballing here. The guy might be healthy as an ox!

For more, go to Lv's online store. Grandpa is also posing Gangnam style, which, while predictable is also a bit of a shame. Gangnam is so mainstream now, Grandpa! What would Karl think?


Source: HuffPo