Chilling archive footage resurfaces of Bill Cosby leering at Sofia Vergara in 2003

 "Men look at you and they think only of sin," Cosby said.

 "Men look at you and they think only of sin," Cosby said.

It was a sleazy talk show interview, like so many on late night TV, that would have seemed harmless when it went to air.

But, with hindsight, this exchange between Bill Cosby and Sofia Vergara takes on a much more sinister tone. 

The year was 2003. Cosby was filling in for David Letterman as host of The Late Show and Sofia Vergara was his guest.

The footage has been getting a lot of attention online after having recently been uploaded to YouTube again.


Vergara was not yet the household name she became in 2009 when she first appeared as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family.

The experience looks unpleasant at best, with Cosby leering at Vergara and leaning well into her personal space.

"Men look at you and they think only of sin," he said. "You make me feel young again. You make me feel very, umm, excited."

Vergara, as always, was a great sport.

But with what we now know, that dozens of women have accused Cosby of sexually assaulting them over a number of decades, the archive footage is difficult to watch.

Just last week, two more women came forward with stories about being assaulted by Cosby, bringing the total number of accusers to almost 60. In July, 35 of those women appeared together on the cover of New York Magazine.