Check out: January Jones as a Brunette

January Jones with baby Xander.

January Jones with baby Xander.

January Jones was spotted out and about in LA earlier this week sporting a new 'do - specifically brown-coloured locks. Her hair colourist, a woman by the name of Jennifer J, has described Jones as being pretty much up for anything when it comes to her hair.

"She's so brave and she loves doing different things. One time, seven or eight years ago, we made her whole head bubble gum pink! It's fun to do color changes, especially with somebody who looks good in everything."

Jones even had her eyebrows dyed to complete the look. Which is actually sensible.

Now, just changing the subject for a minute - how cute is her 14 month old son, Xander? Jones has famously refused to identify his dad. But you know who Xander reminds us of? The guy who directed X-Men First Class, Matthew Vaughn. Jones starred in that movie as Emma Frost, remember? And hey, did you also remember that Vaughn is married to Claudia Schiffer? Yeah, funny, huh? Check out Vaughn below with his wife.



Source: UsWeekly