Check out Charlize Theron's head!

Enjoying champagne with mum.

Enjoying champagne with mum. Photo: Getty

Here are the facts: we know that Chalrize Theron shaved her head for her role in the new Mad Max movie, Mad Max Fury Road, in which she plays someone by the name of Imperator Furiosa. We know that she left town to film it in South Africa roughly five months ago. We know that filming is now reportedly going over budget, (nothing too scandalous about that - it's an action movie with big stars like Tom Hardy). But we don't care so much as a fig about all of those details because - look! Charlize's head is shaved! and it's brown, my friends.

Now, the important questions: Is it brown because that is her natural colour? Or did she have it dyed? We think it's her natural colour. But what is that on her face? We are not being mean, it looks like there is some weird makeup stuck to her cheek.

We shall probably never know. Well, we probably will know, just as soon as the movie gets an Australian release date. Your move, George Miller.

Posing with fans. Cute, right?

Posing with fans. Cute, right? Photo: Getty