Carey Mulligan will probably play Hillary Clinton in new biopic

Carey and Hillary.

Carey and Hillary. Photo: THR

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Carey Mulligan is a strong contender to play Hillary Rodham Clinton in an upcoming biopic. The role, which will cover Hillary's years as a young lawyer on the committee involved in President Richard Nixon's impeachment as well as her early relationship with Bill Clinton is reportedly one of the most sought after in Hollywood right now. In fact, Carey is one of a bunch of A-list actresses, including Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone, who has been vying for the part.

Look, we love Carey. We think she's an incredible actress. But she wasn't right for Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby and she's not right for this. Just because both women possess that steely determination thing doesn't mean one should play a younger version of the other. And it's not just because she's English, (although we'd be lying if we said we were ok with it -  Mulligan doesn't do a very convincing American accent).

This reminds us of that time in the early 1990s when there was a dearth of good actresses, (The pre-Kate Winslet era) so movie makers just shoved Winona Ryder into everything. Sure, she was great in Heathers but Jo in Little Women? Mina in Dracular? May in Age of Innocence? Please.

And so it is with Mulligan. Just because she's 'serious' in the eyes of Hollywood casting directors doesn't mean she has the goods.


May we suggest Alison Pill?

 You might remember her from TV's The Newsroom and Midnight in Paris and Milk. She also knocked it out of the park in a season of In Treatment, the same show that unearthed Mia Wasikowska. Pill is all bubbling neurosis and quiet strength and razor-sharp intelligence, (you know Hillary has a higher IQ than Bill, right? And that Bill is a genius?). Plus, Pill can play sexy, (and not just when she accidentally sends a racy tweet of herself to the world) and Hillary was a stone cold fox in her youth. And, last and most signficantly: Pill actually looks like Hillary. Mulligan only looks like her because of her short blonde hair but Mulligan is a natural brunette so the whole thing is moot!

Yeah, it probably won't happen. But that's what they said about a female president and if you look at the polls from earlier this year Hillary was the most beloved political figure in the US and she's running in 2016, so...

Source: THR