Bitchface is mainstreaming

Behold! The Bitchface!

Behold! The Bitchface!

Remember back in March last year when Daily Life's Nicole Elphick explored the depths of bitchface? That is, the idea that even though your face was at rest, and you were perfectly content, you still looked angry or bitchy? Well, it's taken over 18 months but the bitchface concept has gained some serious traction, first, as a mildly funny YouTube video that debuted two months ago and has since gained over 2 million views, and now, on the US Today Show. Only, the Americans call it 'bitchy resting face', which we think is nowhere near as fun to say. And sadly, the hosts of the Today Show are trying to offer a cure. Hey, why not offer a cure to the moron who stops us to let us know we look grumpy?

According to board certified plastic surgeon, Dr Anthony Youn, bitchface 'is a real phenomenon' because when we rest our faces, our mouths tend to naturally turn down and our eyebrows furrow. Keep that in mind the next time some jag-off tells you to 'smile' or let's you know 'It can't be that bad' or the one I got the other week, 'Relax, it may never happen' to which I felt like replying 'It just did'.

Watch the mildly funny YouTube clip below.