Beyonce Writes Gushing Letter to Obama

The Letter

The Letter

We don't know how we feel about this. On the one hand, Beyonce has met the president and the first lady a few times now and they have both expressed their admiration for her. But on the other... is today really the day that President Obama interrupts his very last minute campaigning and his studying of early poll results to ... pause and read a love letter from Beyonce?

It's kind of interesting isn't it? Politics in the US is infused with showmanship and celebrity in a way that's both organic and advantageous. But surely there has to come a time when acting like you - superstar that you are -  'adore' the leader of the free world for his 'heart' slips from stumping for a Democratic President into gushing over your crush?

Wouldn't it be great if she could point out why it's so important to re-elect Obama? Or what he has done for the country over the last four years? Then again, that may not sit all that well with her demographic.

Because everyone pouts after they vote - it's just something that happens.

Because everyone pouts after they vote - it's just something that happens. Photo: Beyonce's Blog

Or maybe it's us who are being cynical and perhaps a little perfectionistic here, after all Obama does embody the story, (and the power) of the American dream and it was on that story, (and the promise of hope that went along with it) that he was elected last time. And, let it be known that the President's personal advantage over his opponent, Governor Mitt Romney, is basically that he's cooler. And can sing. And dance.


And he did really seem to enjoy Jay Z's song about him yesterday.

So maybe Beyonce is right to get so intimate with the President? Maybe. Well, whatever she said or didn't say, we know we'll always prefer this extraordinarily moving letter - and its reply - over hers. Warning: the letter you're about to read will make you cry buckets.