Beyonce posts another cryptic pic on Instagram

If there is one thing Beyonce does well, it's communicate through the power of photographs. One need only have a traipse around her new 'Goop' style blog, Beyhive, to see that. So while she may never confirm or deny that she lip-synced the national anthem on Inauguration Day, (an audio engineer for the musical program has denied the allegation), she will be more than happy to beg for our forgiveness through a couple of pics. Mind you, it's a sassy begging of forgiveness, that is, it involves more than a sprinkling of Steve Urkle-style 'Did I do that?' shoulder shrugging.

Exhibit A: This appeared the day after the scandal broke. Note the covering of the mouth. It's an admission that admits to nothing! Clever, no?

Exhibit B: Appeared just a few hours ago.


The superstar singer is currently in rehearsals for her half-time performance at the Super Bowl in New Orleans. Her jumper is a reference to husband, Jay Z's song of the same name from his 1996 album, Reasonable Doubt. Jay Z often references the title as lyrics in his other songs; it's his own catchphrase of sorts. The pop culture detective in us notes two things: 1. The words seem to be a request for clemency. 2. The name of Jay Z's album - Reasonable Doubt - is also pertinent here. We don't want to try to read anyone's minds but if we had to guess, we'd say that Beyonce complained to her husband about the flak she's been getting. Perhaps she said something like 'It's like ... why do they care? Like, ... gimme a break!'*

And Jay Z has replied, 'It's like I always say Bey, 'can I live?''

And the rest, dear reader, is history.

*We know Beyonce is a crazy, sexy genius but she's not always the most articulate woman in the room. The above dialogue was our attempt to reflect that.