Beyonce is Back in the studio

Ohhhhh say can you siiiiing?

Ohhhhh say can you siiiiing? Photo: Beyonce

Beyonce is back, you guys. Although in truth, she never really went anywhere. We know this because we have been obsessively - excuse us - appropriately following her on her blog and more recently, Instagram, after she made her debut on the latter just last week. Well, the mother of Blue Ivy - who by the way is now 11 months old if you can believe it - is back in the studio, recording what - we don't know. Hey, maybe she's just doing voice-overs for Family Guy. Then again, she is wearing some seriously 'eff off' black and white leather pants from Rag & Bone with a pair of edgy Nicholas Kirkwood loafers so we hardly think she'd waste such a sartorial triumph on Seth MacFarlane. That guy is utterly gross.

For more wonderful photos go to Beyonce's Instagram account, here. Now we get why Instagram migrated over to the internet!