American Apparel styles mannequins with full suite of pubic hair

The mannequins on display at a New York American Apparel store. Image via

The mannequins on display at a New York American Apparel store. Image via

You might call it the American Hustle effect, the hit 70s-set movie that's re-ignited an interest in plunging neck shirt-dresses, perms and, one presumes, full and lush sets of pubic hair. 

In any case, clothing line American Apparel is embracing the return of pubic hair after a long hiatus from public approval with its  new mannequins in one of its New York City stores. Fun fact, the mannequins also have nipples.

Website the Gothamist called the store to ask if the mannequins were for real, and the answer from the people working was that they too had never seen the mannequins “in this configuration” before. 

Given that American apparel aren't afraid of a stunt, it's easy to shrug off the mannequins as publicity (pubelicity?) and shock seeking. Which is kind of a shame given that pubic hair shouldn't actually be shocking. 


Even though, sadly, for some it very much is. We're including underarm hair too

However American Apparel does have a strong ally in Cameron Diaz who in her new book, The Body Book, sings the praises and poetry of pubic hair

As The Gloss pointed out, despite some reactions of ewwwww and general meh-ness about American Apparel, it's a good thing to see at least a little diversity in the mannequins that we're surrounded by. Even if it's only diversity in the pubic region with the express purpose of causing a little 'buzz'.

Source: The Gloss