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Simone Mitchell

Simone Mitchell is Domain's Home & Lifestyle Editor

The 'New' Paul McCartney song is our happy weekend tune

Simone Mitchell Paul McCartney's latest single 'New' has been produced by uber-hipster Mark Ronson and it's fabulously upbeat.

Extreme breastfeeding

Naked breastfeeding yoga mum triggered a range of 'extreme breastfeeding' photos


Simone Mitchell Also, Naked Breastfeeding Yoga Mum (TM) says the photo wasn't staged. "I was just doin’ my daily flow when the little sweet pea came to sneak a suckle".

What Maisie Knew

Thursday Movie Club


Simone Mitchell Steve Coogan and Julianne Moore are parents behaving badly in What Maisie Knew.

Watch: The Kid President interviews Beyonce

Simone Mitchell Concludes by asking whether they're best friends, then gives her a fist-bump.

Going viral

Karl Stefanovic loses it while interviewing Grumpy Cat


Simone Mitchell And the Americans are loving it.

Two-year-old dancing the jive is our new happy place

Simone Mitchell If you - like us - somehow missed this clip, then you're in for a treat.

Video: behind the scenes of 'Girls' season 3

Simone Mitchell The 'Girls' YouTube channel just posted this in production teaser clip.

Watch: the trailer for the first David Sedaris movie

Simone Mitchell Autobiographical comedy C.O.G. is the first-ever screen adaptation of the work of acclaimed writer David Sedaris.

The full Homeland season 3 trailer is here


Simone Mitchell The hunt for America's celebrated-war-hero turned most-wanted-terrorist is on.

Watch this

Intern recites 'Mean Girls' in 30 minutes


Simone Mitchell Hardly draws breath, becomes an Internet Hero.

Celeb news

Olivia Wilde's excellent advice for women turning 30

Olivia Wilde

Simone Mitchell She calls it "the Cut the Bullsh-t and Go Be Awesome stage” of life.

Clip of the day

Stephen Colbert performs 'Get Lucky' with Hugh Laurie, Jeff Bridges, Bryan Cranston and Matt Damon


Simone Mitchell Apparently The Colbert Report was supposed to feature Daft Punk but the performance was cancelled due to contract issues. This was the (excellent) alternative.

Mag world

Behold: Oprah's massive 'fro on the cover of O Magazine


Simone Mitchell It almost blocks out the sun.

Going viral

Drop everything: there's a documentary about people who dance with their dogs

dancing dog

Simone Mitchell In new film 'Unleashed' one artistic chap choreographs a show where dogs and people dance together with kites. Mark this in your calendar as the greatest day ever.

Lady Gaga goes nude for V mag shoot, tops Forbes Hollywood young star poll


Simone Mitchell Well. Hasn't someone had a big week?

Going viral

Tay Allyn's 'Mass Text' could be the worst song of the year

Tay Allyn

Simone Mitchell Tay Allyn is being touted as the new Rebecca Black. We apologise in advance for bringing this song into your life.

New film

Naomi Watts and Robin Wright fall for each other's sons in new movie


Simone Mitchell Wow. New Aussie film Adoration looks edgy, doesn't it?!

Hilarious television

Watch: Kirsten Wiig, Steve Carell and Chris O'Dowd vs the fly


Simone Mitchell Everything was going smoothly on The Graham Norton Show on Friday until a massive blowfly started dive-bombing the guests.

French performance artist sues Lady Gaga for $31.7 million


Simone Mitchell French performance artist Orlan, who has made a name for herself by using her body and plastic surgery procedures to create art, has slapped singer Lady Gaga with a law suit on charges of plagiarism.

Amazing interview

Watch: Russell Brand's gobsmacking TV interview


Simone Mitchell There's a lesson here. Don't make jokes at Russell Brand's expense, or he will open a can of whoop-ar$e on you.