American Apparel Is Selling a Menstruating Vagina Shirt


American Apparel and 20-year old Toronto-born artist Petra Collins have joined forces to create a t-shirt featuring a graphic illustration of a woman masturbating during her period (read: a close-up sketch of a woman's vagina, a hand, and some bright, gushing blood).

It's baffling that at just $32, the jersey cotton, sweat-shop free T has yet to sell out. Surely feminists are clambering over each other in a desperate bid to secure their very own "Period Power" statement shirt? 

Half of the proceeds of the shirt go directly to The Ardorous, an all-female online art platform curated by Collins. The collective features feminist-slanted art works, including a fabulous series of self-portraits of artist Rhiannon Schneiderman wearing pubic wigs, entitled "Lady Manes" (right), and "There Will Be Blood", which features images of women performing everyday tasks while getting their periods. 

Lady Manes by Rhiannon Schneiderman

Lady Manes by Rhiannon Schneiderman

Collins -- who "creates portraits exploring female sexuality and teen girl culture," has contributed to the likes of ViceVogue ItaliaPurpleRookie (did we mention she's only 20?), and appears to be friends with wonder lass and Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson -- is officially our new girl crush.


But it's still not clear where Collins expects us to sport her creation... Is it a monthly slop-around-the-house advertisement kind of thing, or should we be throwing caution to the wind and wearing this one down high street with a "f--- you world" attitude?

I think I'll keep mine hidden under my "I hate men" jumper until I can be sure.