Whiskey miso caramel pork belly salad


Katrina Meynink

Whiskey miso caramel pork belly salad

Whiskey miso caramel pork belly salad

This pork number is the perfect antidote to autumn. Like chocolate, pork knows how to make everything better. The belly here is simmered until meltingly tender before being finished with a superb whiskey miso marinade that caramelises it to the point of indecent. It ensures a cold weather meal that is rich and hearty but not gut achingly so with the lightness of noodles and crunchy fresh reprieve of salad to finish.

Serves 4-5


Pork belly


1 x 1.5kg (approx.) piece of pork belly, bones removed

1l chicken stock + 250ml

250ml sake


2 tbsp whiskey

2 tbsp honey

2 tbsp dark soy

2 tbsp miso

1 x 5cm knob ginger, grated

2 cloves garlic, crushed

Salt and pepper

To serve

1 carrot, peeled, sliced on a mandolin or use a peeler

1 cup bean sprouts, rinsed

¼ cup Vietnamese mint leaves, coarsely torn

¼ cup coriander, coarsely torn

¼ cup Thai basil leaves, coarsely torn

1 red chilli, deseeded, finely sliced

150g udon noodles

Juice of 1 lime


Place the pork belly into a large saucepan (you may need to cut it into pieces to make it fit) and pour over the 1L of chicken stock and sake. Place over a low heat and simmer for 2 hours or until the pork is soft and malleable. If the liquid reduces too much, add the additional chicken stock and continue to cook. Very carefully remove the pork belly and place on a baking tray, cover and cool completely. Once cool, cut the pork into large bite sized cubes and place into a bowl along with all the glaze ingredients and toss gently to combine and coat the pork thoroughly. Set aside to marinate for at least 30 minutes.

Place a frying pan over medium heat and cook the pork, turning to coat, until warmed through and caramelised.

Cook the udon noodles according to packet instructions. Combine the remaining ingredients in a bowl to combine.

To plate, place noodles in a large serving bowl. Top with pork and salad mixture. Scoop over any residual cooking liquid from the pork. Squeeze over the lime and serve immediately, tossing the salad just before serving.