Caramel slice with lavender and sea salt  <a href=Recipe." /> Click for more photos

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Caramel slice with lavender and sea salt Recipe.

  • Caramel slice with lavender and sea salt  <a href="">Recipe</a>.
  • Carrot Cake  <a href="">Recipe</a>
  • Berry ripple meringues with raspberries and brown sugar crème fraiche   <a href="">Recipe</a>
  • Double chocolate mars bar cookies  <a href="">Recipe</a>
  • Tiramisu Meringue with Nutella Ganache <a href=" ">Recipe</a>
  • Banana, Cardamom and Caramel Croissant Puddings  <a href="">Recipe</a>
  • Soft centred chocolate tortini with Ferrero Rocher crumble  <a href="">Recipe</a>.
  • Macaron honeycomb and chocolate granita  <a href="">Recipe</a>.
  • Beetroot and chocolate tart,  <a href="">Recipe</a>
  • Chocolate Waffles with Salted Guinness Caramel  <a href="">Recipe</a>

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