The $2000 pasta at BiCE. Thankfully you get to keep the plate. I guess? Click for more photos

The world's most expensive restaurant dishes

The $2000 pasta at BiCE. Thankfully you get to keep the plate. I guess?

  • The $2000 pasta at BiCE. Thankfully you get to keep the plate. I guess?
  • This Faberge-style chocolate dessert from Marc Guibert, head chef at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel drips with gold, champagne caviar and a two-carat diamond. You get all this, and well that's it, for a cool £22,000 ($34,684). Diamonds!
  • There's no whiff of meatlovers's around these here parts. The $1000 pizza at Ninos Bellissima is a homage to lobster and caviar.
  • Desserts like this should really only ever served in a diamond studded gold goblet. Goblet, goblet, goblet. So much fun to say! The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate from New York's Serendipity-3 restaurant has a blend of 28 cocoas from around the world and is garnished with truffles. The expensive kind. Yours for $25, 000.
  • Who knew eggs not of the golden goose variety were so highly prized! The $1000 frittata at Norma's in New York is an extravagence of Lobster and sevruga caviar. Cheapskates (or regular people with a thing for eggs) can get poor man's version for $100. ($100!)
  • The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence from Sri Lanka's Fortress hotel. $US14,500 a serve. Gold leaf cassata, a chocolate sculpture and an 80 carat aquamarine stone.
  • This is one seriously posh burger. The $5000 Fleur burger Fleur by Hubert Keller in Las Vegas is made with Kobe beef, foie gras and black truffles. You get a bottle of 1995 Petrus wine and two Ichendorf Brunello glasses to keep. Cheers!
  • No Lox and smears here. For $1000 executive chef Frank Tujague of New York’s Westin hotel gives you a bagel with white truffle cream cheese, goji-berry infused Riesling jelly and the ever present gold leaves.
  • The world's most expensive cheese! Pule cheese. Made from donkey's milk. $500 for a pound. *Sad Eeyore meep*.
  • A cake that truly befits its name, the Sultan cake at Çira?an Palace Hotel features French Polynesian vanilla beans, fruit that has luxuriated in Jamaican rum for a very long time, 24 carat gold and a handmade silver box. Order 72 hours ahead and, er, cough up a thousand bucks.
  • Ever had sushi that tastes as though you shouldn't be eating it? Yeah this isn't that sushi. This, friends, is 20-carat African diamonds and 24-karat gold wrapped up in caviar sushi.Created by Phillipines chef Angelito Araneta Jr. it's $1,978.15 for five pieces
  • You won't be putting any dead horse (tomato sauce!) on this here pie. For $16,000 the Wagyu Meat Pie from Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire is made with pricey Kobe beef, Matsutake Mushrooms, truffles, 2 bottles of 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine and edible gold leaf. Probably not to be washed down with a Big M.

As New York Times wrote in its captionthe $2000 plate of pasta currently on the menu at BiCE in New York, is "probably not worth they money." It is probably not a circumstance in which you should channel your inner Tom Haberfeld and "treat yourself'.

Because really, how delicious can lobster, sauteed organic vegetables, and black truffles be? I mean, delicious. But $2000 delicious?

I dunno

Even if you do get to keep the plate (gold leaf, Versace) and have three other dishes, prolly not. To commemorate this plate of pasta that we will never eat we have compiled some of our favourite obscenely expensive dishes - from diamond sprinkled cakes to some really right fancy sounding sushi.