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Kitchen Coquette

Margherita pizza balls

Katrina Meynink Think of them as a pizza pocket version of the classic margherita - low maintenance, baked heaven.

Chef Jacques La Merde

Instagram's best fake chef makes junk snacks look like fine dining


Rob Moran This person has a talent.

Good news!

Finally! Sydney is getting its own cat cafe!

What to expect: here's a cat relaxing in a cat cafe in Tokyo.

Effie Mann A couple have started a crowd funding campaign to get a cat cafe in Sydney... and it's gonna be space themed.

Halloween treats

What to make for your Halloween party

Jane Ormond Halloween isn't all about sugar and scary films, yeah?

Fountain of youth

Taste of the 90s: Sub Zero is back

Sub Zero's are back in bottle shops today.

Sarah Oakes The source of so many sentences that began, "I'm never drinking again" is back in your local liquor store fridge from today.

Aussie Xmas

Introducing the Christmas lamington

If ever there was an excuse for a Christmas/Aussie-baking-great mash up I feel the lamington is it.

Katrina Meynink If ever there was an excuse for a Christmas/Aussie-baking-great mash up, the lamington is it.

Worst news for Xmas party-goers: McDonald's is running out of fries in Japan

RUNNING OUT: The shortage means customers in Japan will be able to buy only small packs of fries.

Anna Fifield Nooooo! McDonald's is running out of french fries and will start rationing the crispy delicacy.

Holiday Picnic - Bill Granger food

Apricot and almond tart.

Bill Granger Yes, it's true, food really does taste better outdoors. Bill Granger suggests these easy recipes for your next alfresco spread

Neil Perry

Warm up with Neil Perry's spicy clam and white bean chowder

Neil Perry Beans mean business, especially when teamed with fruits of the sea. Use them as a base to thicken soups or as the main feature in a side dish.

Cooking secrets

Top chefs reveal their cooking secrets

Drumroll, please. We'd like to announce our crack team of recipe writers, Pete Evans, Neil Perry, Karen Martini, Dan Lepard and Adam Liaw, who share the cooking wisdom they live by and some of their...

Adam Liaw

Adam Liaw's Japanese inspired chicken schnitzel

Adam Liaw Your chicken schnitz just got a whole lot tastier.

Food trend: scuffins

What do you get when you cross a muffin with a scone?


Annie Stevens A tasty and reasonably healthy play lunch sized treat.

Mother's day cake

A completely and utterly lovely cake


Katrina Meynink A cake for all the mothers and cake lovers out there.

Italian dinner party

Three dishes to master for a DIY Italian dinner party

Acclaimed Italian chef Stefano Manfredi shares his thorougly impressive regional party recipes.

Steamed buns

DIY Momofuku-style steamed buns


Katrina Meynink This is how you make friends.

Neil Perry

Neil Perry does slow braised comfort food

Neil Perry Awwwww yeah.

Neil Perry

Neil Perry's Korean favourites

Neil Perry A staple of Korean cuisine ramps up a seafood hotpot and a stir-fry.

Comfort food

Food to make you feel great about winter

Annie Stevens The Larder at Otto Restaurant head chef has some solid ideas.

Luscious winter tart

A totally luscious winter tart

Katrina Meynink This fig tart punches well above its weight.

My Petite Kitchen

Eleanor Ozich's wonderful blog is now a recipe book

Annie Stevens Whole foods have never looked, or tasted, quite so beautiful.