Food Features

Worst news for Xmas party-goers: McDonald's is running out of fries in Japan

RUNNING OUT: The shortage means customers in Japan will be able to buy only small packs of fries.

Anna Fifield Nooooo! McDonald's is running out of french fries and will start rationing the crispy delicacy.

Holiday Picnic - Bill Granger food

Apricot and almond tart.

Bill Granger Yes, it's true, food really does taste better outdoors. Bill Granger suggests these easy recipes for your next alfresco spread

Fountain of youth

Taste of the 90s: Sub Zero is back

Sub Zero's are back in bottle shops today.

Sarah Oakes The source of so many sentences that began, "I'm never drinking again" is back in your local liquor store fridge from today.

Aussie Xmas

Introducing the Christmas lamington

If ever there was an excuse for a Christmas/Aussie-baking-great mash up I feel the lamington is it.

Katrina Meynink If ever there was an excuse for a Christmas/Aussie-baking-great mash up, the lamington is it.

Neil Perry

The best of both worlds

Neil Perry A smoked trout and beetroot salad so fresh and light, you'll just have to follow it with a decadent dark chocolate dessert.

Kitchen Coquette

Chorizo panzanella salad with poached egg

Katrina Meynink A humble salad that's a little bit winter, a little bit springtime.

Cheap eats

How to host a dinner party for $30

Ruby Lohman Dan Hong and other local top chefs show you how to prep a frugal feast. Yes, it's possible.

Winter cocktails

Three cocktails to try before winter ends

Rob Moran Spring's fast approaching, and there's not much time left to properly enjoy a warming mulled wine or hot toddy. Indulge in these winter cocktail recipes care of the guys from Sydney's Zeta Bar.

Neil Perry

Tender roast leg of lamb with skordalia

Neil Perry Melt-in-the-mouth lamb, meet this Greek-style potato and garlic puree. We think you'll fall in love with each other.

Kitchen Coquette

Amazingness in your mouth

Katrina Meynink A delicious slow roasted lamb shoulder recipe courtesy of ex-pat Shaun Kelly, currently head chef at Yard in Paris. It'll fill your kitchen with smoky barnyard scents.

Not quinoa

Frank Camorra's roast onion and spelt salad

Frank Camorra Over quinoa? Try this simple salad, filled with the nutty, exotic flavour of spelt grain.

Sean Connolly

Six drinks to pair with oysters

And only one of them is champagne! Chef Sean Connolly shows us what we've been missing...

Tea time

Frank Camorra's apple, rye and ginger teacake

Frank Camorra Revive the lost art of afternoon tea with this deliciously simple teacake. C'mon, it's tradition.

Kitchen Coquette

Epic rhubarb madeleines

Katrina Meynink Try your hand at making the delicious treats that sent Marcel Proust into his famous reverie.

Frank Camorra

Easy chocolate hazelnut cake

Frank Camorra If you're the kinda person who eats Nutella by the spoonful, you'll probably wanna try this.

Father's Day feeds

Dads and the recipes they share with their children

Peter Barrett With Father's Day this Sunday, local chefs reveal the recipes they've passed down to their kids.

Bill Granger

Chocolate and peanut butter tart

Bill Granger Get ready, Bill Granger is taking us all to chocolate heaven.

Kitchen Coquette

Spiced doughnuts, blood orange curd and whey butterscotch

Katrina Meynink A seriously classy dessert from Pei Modern Melbourne's Matt Germanchis, aka 'the doughnut whisperer'.

Halloween treats

What to make for your Halloween party

Jane Ormond Halloween isn't all about sugar and scary films, yeah?

French desserts

15 delicious French desserts for Bastille Day

Frederic Caillon's soon to be opened, La Maison de l'eclair in Bondi. Good Food photo: Marco Del Grande on November 28, 2013

Sure we still have ten days until Bastille Day on July 14, that means 10 days of planning what French desserts we're going to consume on the day. Viva the people, viva the cake.