Marnie Skillings perfects the art of the garage sale

Bower bird ... Marnie Skillings is a long-time garage sale lover.

Bower bird ... Marnie Skillings is a long-time garage sale lover.

Fashion designer Marnie Skillings is a fan of the garage sale. She is not alone. Every weekend this dedicated tribe are up before dawn, scribbling down addresses and picking through boxes of unwanted books, nick nacks, electronics 'still with good use' and the occasional shiny, pretty, magical thing.

As Skillings says, the very best thing about a garage sale is "the unexpected treasure".

The Garage Sale Trail, held this year on May 5, is an annual, national, event that allows makers, households, community groups to raise money for a cause, join in with the neighbourhood and have a really super day. With a focus on sustainability and community, for those sartorially inclined, it's the opportunity to revitalise your threads, with less cost to your hip pocket, and you know, planet earth. As Skillings said at the launch of the event in March,

“This program is great for the wider fashion community. For those who want to clear out their wardrobe, for brands who want to hold sample sales and to aspiring fashion designers and makers and creators who can use this as a way of showcasing their talents ... it’s also the such a great way to nab a great find.”


Other ambassadors for the event include Pip Edwards, Tracy Spicer and Brendan Moar.

Marnie Skillings will be selling some of her archived items from her personal collection in her Paddington store on Saturday, May 5. Dibs on the framed dog tapestry!

Marnie Skillings completes the Garage Sale trail questionaire

What’s the best thing you’ve ever discovered at a Garage Sale?

A hand stitched terrier tapestry in gold frame for my wall.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a Garage Sale?

Worn gold leather hotpants!

If you could sift through the contents of anyone’s garage, who would it be?

Bjork’s ( I would be looking for that swan costume!)

What’s the most treasured possession in your garage?

My archived patterns and vintage clothing.

Whose second hand shoes would you most like to walk in?

Carine Roitfeld’s

What’s your best tip for ‘Garage Sale etiquette?’

No pushing and shoving , smile and say ‘hi!’ its meant to be fun…

What’s the best way to nab a bargain?

Saunter very casually over to that item that has sent your pulse racing… hide how excited you are until you ask the price!