Rachel Bilson, ShoeMint's 1 Year Anniversary Luncheon, November 10, West Hollywood.

If we could choose one celeb wardrobe to rifle through, we would put our greedy paws all over Rachel Bilson's clothing. The girl very rarely puts a sartorial foot wrong.

For example, we'll have this shirt:

We'll take this dress:

And we'll have the dog too, thank you very much.

Her outfit for the ShoeMint first birthday luncheon on Saturday (which you can view at the top of this post) further fuelled our jealousy.

The OC-alumni opted for a full-length patterned number in orange and blue, complete with a cute black collar detail. She teamed this with a pair of black ankle boots from ShoeMint's latest collection, and a candy pink lip. When it got slightly nippy she popped on a beautiful black tailored jacket: because she's Rachel Bilson, and she always has just the right jacket handy.

Later in the afternoon when she had a photo taken with pal Jaime King, she popped a leg out for the big reveal: the dress was actually a full-length jumpsuit. See Angelina? That's how you do it subtly.

Also, just so you know, the ShoeMint line of footwear is created by Bilson herself, along with her stylist friend Nicole Chavez. Natch.

Click here to see the look of the day sizzle reel.