Look of the day

Rihanna, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, November 2012

Though mere mortal, non-Angel beings may find it hard to hold their own at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, not Rihanna, who appeared more confident and sexy than ever.

Before belting out ‘Fresh Out The Runway’ and providing a live soundtrack for the show, she sashayed down the fluffy fuschia carpet in a simple cropped top and pencil skirt by Miu Miu. Though mother would’ve given it a once over with the iron, we think she could out-swagger a supermodel in this thing.

The superstar played it simple from head to toe, topping off the look with an estate necklace by Kentshire, gray suede Manolo Blahniks and our favourite new accessory, a darling anklet.


There may have been a $2.5 million diamond-encrusted bra on show, but RiRi still looked utterly gorgeous and expensive. 

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