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Annie Stevens

Rule breaker ...  Tavi Gevinson.

Rule breaker ... Tavi Gevinson. Photo: Rabbani and Solimene Photography

Tavi Gevinson at New York Fashion Week, February 2012

Tavi Gevinson is the sort of teenage girl that I wish I had been. Instead I spent most of my teens marinating in a combination of books, yearning for love and surf-girl attire interspersed with some ill-advised forays into tencel jeans. Admittedly, as Molly Fischer pointed out in n+1 magazine, it's probably a bit weird to fawn over a 14-year-old. As Fischer writes,

"For these women, ostensibly wised-up to pop culture’s fixation on youth, a precocious adolescent made an awkward media savant. Gevinson has a right to her tastes, but the eagerness of adult women to share them was disconcerting. “I am 30 years old and still very proud to be a sticker collector,” a reader commented on a post about stickers.  “STICKERS 4 EVER WOO.” "

So, I'm not going to write about how much I like Gevinson's Rookie magazine and will instead move onto important issues such as my admiration of Tavi's fondness for putting large things on her head. It started with the enormous, catwalk-blocking bow that Gevinson wore to fashion week as a precocious 13 year-old in 2010, causing all sorts of strife with the Fashion Establishment.


This time the headpiece in question is a ring of roses in a sort of halo. It is wonderful. There's romance in it, but thankfully no whiff of child-bride. The outfit works because it is slightly bonkers and because nothing "matches". You might think that one could only mix a hybrid of motorcycle/spacesuit jacket with a Virgin Suicides-esque embroidered, pink, flowing gown at fashion week. But that is incorrect. Tavi is even carrying what looks like a briefcase so it could work in a creative/warehouse office with attractive lighting and a pinball machine. Basically anybody can wear this outfit if you can channel the chutzpah of Tavi. And that is better than any sticker collection.