Flowergirl outfits for tomboys

PetitePARADE Kids Fashion Week by John Parra

PetitePARADE Kids Fashion Week by John Parra Photo: Annex Magazine

Weddings are rife with stuffy gendered conventions. Just as there’s an assumption that 99 per cent of women want to tie the knot, engaging a strategy of attrition to tie down their target man, there’s an assumption that the flowergirl leading her up the aisle ought to be dressed up like a mini-version of the bride.

That’s why we were so delighted to see these convention-busting takes on traditional flowergirl get-up.

A Practical Wedding has a round-up of tomboy flowergirl ideas, including pint-sized suits and glitter high-tops that won’t restrict her ability to run, jump, climb or monkey about on the day. And they’re much more imaginative than the flouncy crinoline-and-lace cupcake costumes currently on offer.

We hear the pageboy petal toss is also trending …

Any one of these outfits would win you cutest member of the wedding party, hands down. Now, won't somebody marry me so we can make this happen.