Would you wear a wristband for single people?


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Everybody knows that old dating theory around bananas and the supermarket, right? That is, if you put bananas in your basket on a Saturday night you’re not merely picking up a neat little package of potassium and health but in fact, you’re signalling that you’re looking for love and open to being picked up in the dairy aisle. But what if you put the bananas in the basket on the wrong day? What if you hate bananas? What if you’re married and just feel like eating a gosh darned banana? The whole thing is problematic. Couldn’t there be an easier way to see if someone was ripe for the picking? (sorry, sorry) that goes beyond banana buying and/or peering into someone’s shopping basket for single serve chicken breasts and blocks of sad and lonely chocolate? According to Danish-British couple and entrepreneurs Rina Mardahl and Rob Young, they’ve created it. Presenting ... MY Single Bands. That is, a collection of silicone wristbands in seven colours and three sizes (suitable for all single wrist sizes!) that signals to colleagues, passersby and fellow supermarket shoppers that you’re single and available.

Just like an engagement or wedding ring, they were designed to make it easier to display your relationship status at Friday night drinks. As the couple told The Daily Mail, they believe the wristbands, embossed with words like fate, future or destiny (we’ll get back to this) will “increase new encounters, lower the fear of first introductions, and suit busy modern lifestyles.” The couple, who met on hols on the Spanish island of Lanzarote also said, “how many people must miss out on meeting their soul mate by not saying the first hi.”

How many indeed! And it is an excellent idea in theory, anything that makes the dating scene easier is surely a boon. Why, here are some fun singles modelling them.


But would you wear one? For one thing, as The Cut pointed out, Lance Armstrong kind of ruined silicone wristbands for everyone. Also, is someone wearing a wristband with the word destiny written on it really going to tickle your fancy? Is it not a bit like a being on a date that is going swimmingly only to have them roll up their sleeves to reveal a tattoo in Chinese lettering that probably/maybe says something like ‘be peaceful’ or ‘happiness’ (or Eddie Vedder). Or befriending someone on social media and finding out that they post inspirational quotes, all the time. Catastrophic turn-off. Right?


I’m all for putting oneself out there when looking for love, but as some of the more unkind commenter’s on The Daily Mail pointed out (actually is there any other breed?), isn’t wearing a wristband with your single status on it a bit ... desperate?

Maybe instead of spending ten bucks on a slightly ugly silicone wristband you should take the risk of striking up a conversation with the handsome gentleman with the bananas in his basket whether he's wearing a wristband or not. Worst case he’s already got someone to eat bananas with, best case is to have no regrets about so-called, highly marketable “missed opportunities”.