Food and fashion, not unlikely bedfellows

Cake by Appolina vs Stella McCartney.

Cake by Appolina vs Stella McCartney.

We love taste-driven mash-ups, from those combining vegan food and heavy-metal jams to home cooking and high fashion. Though kitchen activities and designer threads often make for a messy combo in real life, put it on a blog and a happy marriage make. Here are our favourite URLs showcasing duds and dishes in equal parts – both of which look good enough to eat.


This design extremist and gastronomist treats her food and fashion as art. The mysterious creator showcases her ever-growing collection of Christopher Kane and Maison Margiela, in between shots of outfits she’s designed herself and standout culinary moments from her travels. (If you had her on Facebook you would’ve blocked her by now.) Take some time to digest these holy images of caviar-covered foie gras takoyaki and her glorious hand-cut ruffled chips.

Sous Style


Sous Style is the passion project of former Elle photo director Pippa Lord, the home cook hero hailing from Melbourne but currently based in Brooklyn. Offering a welcome alternative Martha Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP, her blog spotlights the food rituals of our favourite fashion folk. (And no, we’re not talking about detox diets and couple cleanses.) There are posts dedicated to menu tips by models and buyers and a recipe compilation fit for any fashion party.

The Food Life

Dining at fancy-pants restaurants is commonly seen as the favourite activity of pretentious people – truffle oil this, essence of foam that. This blog gives insight into the culinary world of tastemakers, from designers and models to editors and artists, stripping the pretention and revealing their talent for cooking and eating in their own kitchens. A collaborative effort between publicist Michael King and M.A.C.’s Lauren Levinger, the blog demystifies snobby culinary culture, featuring recipes for a humble grilled cheese toastie (with a twist), carrot cake and so much more.

Lookbook Cookbook

Let’s for a second ignore the fact that the girls on this blog look like they stepped right out of American Apparel casting call and focus on the food. The desserts featured on Lookbook Cookbook are vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, and actually tasty – none of this avocado smooshed up with cacao powder crap. You’ll find organic peanut butter brittle and chocolate cookie pops, which look deliciously stylish being devoured by models in editorial-ready ensembles.

Wardrobe v Pantry

Though fashion and food seems like an unusual pairing, they actually have a lot in common – visually stimulating, beautifully crafted, both guilty pleasures. Why, remember this genius cake? The Melbourne bloggers Kate Longley and Zoe Allnut behind Wardrobe v Pantry had the same idea, pulling images off the runway and finding food styling that correlate with the looks. Who knew Romance Was Born’s latest collection was inspired by bubblegum ice-cream and that Erdem’s floral motifs came about from sugar cookies? It all makes sense now.