We asked Gary Bigeni to play favourites

Designer Gary Bigeni.

Designer Gary Bigeni. Photo: Jason Henley

Gary Bigeni tends to make our hearts sing with his signature clever draping, and his recent foray into the world of colourful prints. Especially spots, we love spots and so does Gary Bigeni.

Bigeni is relaunching his website this week and to get the party started, customers can pre-order from five looks from his forthcoming spring/summer collection, Alignment.

For Bigeni, the woman that he designs for is someone who is comfortable with herself, and her style.

"I’m always interested in women and how they’re always changing and identifying what they like. I find that very inspiring and attractive. I like a woman who knows exactly who she is. I wanted a combination of silhouettes that would suit my many different customers," says Bigeni.


Alignment, as the name would suggest, is about bringing everything in together. So this collection is for the woman that likes clever draping, and the woman that adores fun prints.

"The spring summer collection is called Alignment because it focuses on the moment when everything comes together," says Bigeni. 

We asked Bigeni to pick his six favourite looks from the Alignment collection, and obviously we now want them all.

You can order them for the next two weeks at www.bigeni.com until the collection drops later this year.