The five best moments in Robert Pattinson's steamy Dior Homme ad

Still from 1000 Lives. Image via

Still from 1000 Lives. Image via

Helmed by French director Romain Garvais, the new Dior Homme commercial titled ‘1000 Lives’ made its debut yesterday, and it’s so sexy we can barely deal.

We would usually place Robert Pattinson in that category of People We Don’t Care About But We’re Supposed To, but, well...

Pattinson's not the only pretty (sensual, pensive) face in the frame. The ad also stars Camille Rowe, the French model he gets to make out with while wrapped in a bed sheet.

As our gift to you we're tabulated the five steamiest moments from the uncensored cut of ‘1000 Lives’.


At 0:06, when Camille Rowe manages to pull off ‘sultry’ while sitting on the dunny.

At 0:19, confirming that the lean-in in the elevator kiss is our favourite type of kiss.

At 1:03. Wait, what’s this – more really, really, ridiculously good-looking people! And they’re laughing, carefree and driving over sand dunes off into the sunset.

At 1:07, when, even through sunglasses, we can feel the intensity of R.Patz’s thousand-mile stare. If Robert Pattinson is, like, nearby, our entire bodies know it …

At 1:38, when the sonorous French voiceover reminds us what the ad is for – perfume – and just sends us over the edge.

Oh, and another fun fact: Pattinson is wearing his own clothes all throughout the clip. That is, the parts of the clip where he’s even wearing clothes!