Sydney woman sells grandad's awesome vest collection all lovingly knitted by her grandma

Bob and Dot Brewer early in their courtship, circa 1950.

Bob and Dot Brewer early in their courtship, circa 1950.

The late Bob Brewer may never have held a pair of knitting needles in his life but he was passionate about his cable knit jumpers and vests. His wife, Dorothy, lovingly knitted him more than a hundred of them over the course of their 63-year marriage, each one featuring an intricate pattern that Bob often picked out himself. He was particular about the wool, too, having worked for many years classing and trading yarn.

“My grandfather was a connoisseur of cable knit jumpers,” Jocelyn Brewer shares, saying that as a child she was taught to knit by Dot, always with Bob hovering nearby, chipping in with his own knitting tips.

Bob would style his knits with a neat pair of pants and a collared shirt with a singlet underneath -- he held some strong views on men who didn’t wear singlets, actually -- and he always enjoyed a spot of shoe shopping.

“Rather than give them away now that he's no longer wearing them, we thought it would be nice to sell them with a bit more pizazz than just giving them to Vinnies,” Jocelyn explains of the family's plans.

Through her Etsy store , aptly named The Cable Knit Guy, Jocelyn hopes her grandfather's treasured knits will find their way into the closets of caring hipsters. The proceeds from the ten long-sleeve jumpers ($50 each) and ten knitted vests ($25 each) will then be given to charity.

As for Dot, she’ll be knitting for quite some time to come. She just renewed her drivers licence, and this week gifted one of her prized knits to her 94-year old sister.

If that isn’t reason to hop online, I don’t know what is.