Look of the day

Emily Blunt, Comic Con, July 2013


Sometimes to get through life you need only a few things - good friends (in this case you might refer to them as "gals"), the knowledge of how to make the perfect gin and tonic and a dress that you always, not matter what, look spectacular in. There is the trusty LBD but this one is different. It has impact. It might be something colourful that you picked up in Paris, or one of your mother's dresses that she wore in the 70s, or your first - only - proper designer dress. Emily Blunt is wearing a dress that fits into this category. It's bold, colourful and unmissable. Toying with the trend for sporty luxe, and paired with hot pink shoes, it's not one that anybody would forget in a hurry. Exactly what you want in a good dress, and good gals.



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