Look of the day

Alexa Chung, Chanel show at haute couture fashion week in Paris, July 2013


Velvet is such a beautiful fabric. So soft! So luxe! But if you've ever had an UVM (unfortunate velvet moment) like I did in grade six with a breathtakingly ugly, lurid green velvet t-shirt, you might, like me, approach it with caution. It can be a little unflattering too, when not treated right - either too tight, or too flowy. Alexa Chung however is really doing velvet a public service with this dress. It toys with velvet's reputation for toying with victoriana and gothic undertones with the high neck, the black lace and the inky blue, but it's just so breathtaking pretty. Those shoes are a step away from Alexa's usual sweets ones, and I think it's the perfect way to keep the girlishness of the dress in check.



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