Look of the day

Milla Jovovich, Bulgari party in Paris, July 2013


I shall never stop declaring my love of stripes. They are eternally crisp, always a classic and really, ever so reliable. They're not just vaguely nautical ensembles to be worn on one's yacht (etc) either, just look at how Milla Jovovich is wearing them to a fancy Bulgari party! The key for stripes in the eve is sharp tailoring. For example this dress seems simple and flirty at first, but look closer at the way this dress poufs ever so from the waist, and enjoy that precise breading. You really couldn't go to a Bulgari soiree without wearing at least one absolutely divine bauble, in Milla's case it's the amber knuckledustere. And indeed a cocktail ring is all you really need to add oomph to party ensemble.



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