Look of the day

Rose Byrne, screening of I'm So Excited in New York, June 2013


Going only by what I spent my entire weekend in, trackpants, ugg boots and one of my boyfriend's old rugby jumpers, I can conlude that winter can be a time for forgetting about fashion. But it really doesn't have to be like this. Indeed winter can be a wonderful time to play with fashion, you get to wear opaque tights with everything, leather trousers can be a saviour and you get to wear winter coats. And a great winter coat is one of the best fashion statements that you can make. Look at Rose Byrne. She's wearing a simple all black outfit, complete with black pumps. But will you just look ast that cheetah print coat. The look is transformed. In fact, I quite believe that I could throw a coat such as this over my weekend sloppy joes and really feel very OK about my choices.



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