Look of the day

Carey Mulligan, Sydney Gatsby premiere, May 2013


Sydney put on the glitz for the premiere of Gatsby. There were magnums of Moet, shimmying dancers, members of the film's cast (minus Leo of course) and everybody donned their finest sequins, lace and headbands. This comes with risk. Of course you should go the full flapper, but you might look a little like an escaped film extra. But it's probably the most guaranteed way to have a high kicking good time. So enjoy yourself. Otherwise you can just nod to the 20s like the film's star, and the current keeper of literature's most golden girl, Carey Mulligan. Her T-Bar heels are the perfect wink to the roaring 20s. And keeping the rest of her look chic and sophisticated with the bustier and tailored trousers allows them (and those Tiffany baubles) to shine.



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